Getting the Scoop on Invisalign

Invislaign Louisville

Louisville Invisalign Dentist

A beautiful smile is everyone’s goal, but not everyone is willing to endure a mouth full of metal braces to achieve it. Fortunately, Invisalign is here to help. This treatment involves wearing a series of clear aligning trays to gradually move teeth into better positions. Invisalign provides a more appealing way to obtain similar teeth straightening results as traditional braces, without many of the hassles.

Made from clear plastic, the aligners are customized for each patient after the dentist or orthodontist takes measurements and creates 3D models. Computer imaging is also part of the Invisalign process, even allowing patients to see potential outcomes prior to beginning treatment. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks for at least 22 hours per day, and then a new set of aligners is introduced in the series as the teeth positioning improves. The trays are removable for eating and hygiene, eliminating one of the major complaints about traditional braces.

The length of treatment varies among patients, with some people only requiring a few months of aligner wear and others needing a year or more. Each treatment plan is individualized and the dental professional monitors progress each step of the way. Some of the common reasons patients choose Invisalign is to correct teeth that are crooked, gapped, crowded or protruding. It also addresses bite issues like an open bite, overbite or underbite. However, this treatment may not be ideal for every orthodontic problem. A dentist will advise patients with severe dental issues about whether Invisalign is right for them.

As with any orthodontic treatment, good dental hygiene and regular checkups are required for best results. It is vital that patients follow the instructions provided by their dental professional in order to have utmost success and satisfaction with Invisalign treatment.