Overcoming Dental Phobia with Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dental Office

While most people do not relish the thought of a trip to the dentist, a percentage of the population may avoid seeking necessary dental treatment entirely due to dental phobia. As many as 14% of people skip or delay visits to the dentist due to anxiety or fear.

Anxiety about visiting the dentist can develop for many different reasons, including the following:

  • Fear of pain is the most commonly reported reason for dental phobia in adults.
  • The feeling of not having control or of helplessness can trigger anxiety.
  • People may be embarrassed or ashamed of the condition of their oral health or the way their teeth look.
  • Having a dentist or hygienist inches away from their face may make some people anxious or uncomfortable.
  • Patients who have experienced pain or discomfort during previous dental procedures may be nervous about additional dental treatments.
  • Fear of needles, strong gag reflex, and mouth sensitivity may also cause anxiety in dental patients.

Severe dental phobia can lead some patients to go years without visiting a dentist. Neglecting your oral health in this manner can result in serious dental problems which may also affect your overall health.

With today’s advances in sedation dentistry, you no longer have to avoid needed treatment due to your fears and phobias about visiting the dentist. Oral, intravenous, and nitrous oxide sedation are safe and allow you to relax and enjoy a pain and anxiety free dental experience. Many dental professionals offer a variety of sedation dentistry options which can be utilized during most dental procedures from routine cleanings to root canal treatments. Contact your dentist today to find out how sedation dentistry can help calm your fears and get you back to optimum dental health.

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